Technology & Experience

Our company understands that a key factor to success is our staff. Our field representatives, as well as our office staff, are extremely talented and diversified in their experience and abilities. Our field superintendents possess extensive knowledge in various facets of the drilling industry and are members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors.

Drill Solutions has the field representation and equipment to allow us to provide high quality services for ANY drilling application. We guarantee plumb, accurate holes in any type of ground formation either for outside truck mounted drilling or for inside portable skid applications.

Whether it is booming equipment through doorways/windows/wall openings due to access challenges or organizing and moving equipment on a barge across The Great Lakes Saint Lawrence Seaway to complete the historical Boldt Castle Modernization, Drill Solutions has the ingenuity and experience to complete difficult projects! We have successfully overcome various unusual and difficult site conditions encountered, such as drilling through and removing steel eye beams at the Buffalo Convention Center, managing high volumes of water encountered in Maryland & Virginia, and in almost any circumstance, we have the ability and know-how to work through what is encountered to achieve success!

Upon request, we also have the knowledge and ability to install watertight PVC or steel liners for environmental concerns.


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Drill Solutions is capable of providing a diversified range of drilling services. We continue to remain flexible and receptive to our customers’ needs by tailoring our services and constructing special tooling for any unusual requirements that you may encounter.

We can also provide job site inspections & on-site consultations/meeting attendance upon request at no charge to our customers.

TRUCK (Outside/New Construction)

Image of Mack LDHU

We have the capability to drill a broad range in diameter in all types of ground conditions and site requirements that may be encountered. Both Outside/New Construction and Inside/Existing Buildings, rock and non rock formations can all be easily managed by our personnel and equipment.

Outside Site Requirements

SKID (Inside/Existing Buildings)

Image of Inside Air Drill

For your inside building projects, we utilize portable skid mounted inside air tables powered by Ingersoll-Rand 1600 Whisperized air compressors. Our inside skid equipment can be maneuvered through standard 36" doorways, and under certain conditions, openings may be smaller.

Inside air schematic

Inside Site requirements


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Image of Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD

Drill Solutions has the expertise among its field personnel, as well as access to all the necessary equipment, to handle all facets of your Modernization projects. Our crews are highly proficient and excel within the time, space constraints and often unusual existing conditions encountered within this scope of work.

They possess the experience and vast knowledge to utilize the special equipment required for Modernization projects to the peak of its performance and also to construct/fabricate tooling for any special application that may be encountered on unusual projects. This enables us to complete ALL necessary phases of your project efficiently and cost effectively, including Redrill/Reaming and/or Deepening operations.

Drill Solutions is poised to solve almost any condition that you may encounter in all phases of this type of work - including working with your elevator crews to resolve problems. We are readily available to assist in achieving a successful completion of your next Modernization project.

Modernizations are normally completed in phases, depending upon the job requirements. While some only require Phase 1 work (Pull existing cylinder, clear hole to depth, check for plumbness, etc), others will necessitate all three phases of work up to and including installation of watertight liners, both steel & PVC.

Each phase "leads" into the next, and will only be performed if the existing job conditions encountered call for the entire scope of work involved for all three phases. Spoil removal from site is offered only in certain regions (Please inquire when requesting quote).

Below is a brief outline of the scope of work that will be performed during each phase:

Phase 1 (Pull Existing Cylinder/Clean hole to depth):

  • Remove existing cylinder from hole; cut and remove from site (Piston can also be removed by Drill Solutions upon request; however, this will extend our estimated completion time) *Note: If cylinder is encased in concrete, additional time may be required. If an existing PVC/Steel watertight liner must be removed, additional time will be required.
  • Clean hole to depth; establish plumbness of hole and amount of casing in existing hole

Phase 2 (Remove Existing Casing) IF NECESSARY):

IF existing hole will NOT plumb sufficiently to accommodate new equipment and/or PVC coupling OD and/or accommodate installation of a steel or PVC watertight liner, it will be necessary to jack existing construction casing out of hole in preparation for reaming/redrilling of hole to sufficient diameter to accommodate new equipment/PVC/Liner OD.

Note: The time frame allowed for jacking operations is estimated (conservatively), due to unknown variables/problems that may be encountered as casing is being pulled from the existing hole. The amount of casing originally installed, condition of original welds and/or casing, use of concrete, etc. ALL individually or in unison can affect the length of completion time.

Phase 3 – REAM/REDRILL Existing hole (up to 20” in diameter):

Redrill/ream existing hole to depth to accommodate new equipment/PVC OD


Image of welding

Upon request we have the knowledge and ability to install steel and/or PVC watertight liners.

PVC (schematic)

Steel (Schematic)

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Drill Solutions Utility provides specialized drilling services to power and communications companies as we are equipped to drill through solid rock!

We are now able to offer a solution to ineffective and out dated methods of excavating utility poles. Our state of the art machinery can make your job more productive and is often more cost efficient. Our mobile drilling unit can excavate a pole hole up to 14 feet deep and 22 inches wide in under an hour.

Our compressor is built onto the rig to give Drill Solutions Utility maximum leverage in tackling your difficult job.

Our services can be utilized for one hole or multi-hole jobs.

Image of Utility Rig